Three stone platinum diamond rings vs Solitaire diamond rings


Three stone platinum diamond rings vs Solitaire diamond rings


Three stone platinum diamond rings vs solitaire platinum diamond rings – an age-old debate. Despite growing popularity for three stone rings and their high profile design, some customers find the allure of a single stone solitaire just too attractive to forego. So which is the best match for you?


Solitaire Engagement Ring

Historically speaking, solitaire (or single stone) platinum diamond rings have projected the undertone of a timeless classic for many hundreds of years. With the beautiful single diamond at the centre of focus, your partner’s engagement ring will denote the beauty and attraction that simplicity can offer. Due to the unmistakable association to engagement that a platinum diamond solitaire ring universally signifies, many of Rennie & Co’s customers claim that this alone is enough to prioritise a solitaire over three stone platinum diamond rings. Although the preparations in the lead up to the proposal are likely to keep you busy, it is always wise to take into account potential wedding band arrangements when purchasing an engagement ring. With this in mind, solitaire rings have been said to be easier to match or coordinate in line with your partner’s future wedding ring than its three stone counterpart.


Three Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

Three stone platinum diamond rings are also an incredibly popular choice for those looking to propose to their partner. The origin of the three stone ring symbolises far more than just the addition of two extra diamonds, but a spiritual unity - the past, the present and the future endeavors shared with your loved one. A prominent appeal to the three stone diamond ring is the ability to enhance variety, with a gemstone often used as a centerpiece alongside two sparkling diamonds. For lovers of glamourous jewellery, three stone platinum diamond rings are the perfect match, and will be sure to catch the eye of any jewellery enthusiast!


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Expert Advice at Rennie & Co

With this being said, buying an engagement ring is an incredibly personal decision, where both individual and practical considerations should be taken into account. Wherever you may be in your proposal or engagement arrangements, Rennie & Co’s friendly staff will help assist you from beginning to end, in finding the perfect engagement ring. If you are unable to make it into our store, you can view our solitaire platinum diamond rings or our three stone platinum diamond rings online now!


Three Stone Diamond Rings vs Solitaire Rings

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