Engagement rings in London: How are diamonds formed?


Engagement rings in London: How are diamonds formed?


When we think of diamonds, we think of sparkling engagement rings from London, gorgeous glittering earrings and breath-taking necklaces in New York. Whether you have purchased a piece of diamond jewellery before or are in the process of searching for the perfect ring, one thing is for sure – the sparkle of a diamond is truly fascinating. But the diamonds that you see today in the windows of Hatton Garden jewellers once took a very different appearance and were naturally formed over millions of years.


The Diamond Formation Process

It is only at 150 kilometres beneath the earth’s surface that the intense pressure required to stimulate diamond formation can be found. Made from carbon, crystallisation takes place under extreme heat and pressure over an extensive period of time. It is in fact the magma from volcanic activity that slowly carries a diamond to the earth’s surface. Once the magma has cooled, a cone-shaped pipe is left which is where the diamonds are found - referred to as the primary source. For those diamonds that travel further away from these pipes through erosion (perhaps into a river), this is known as a secondary source. Interestingly, secondary sources are sometimes preferred over primary sources because of the challenging journey the stone must face from the pipe to their new home. A weaker stone with fractures or detrimental inclusions would struggle to survive this passage.


Finding The Perfect Ring For Your Partner

It is incredible when looking at engagement rings in London to think that each and every natural diamond on show has witnessed this process. Hatton Garden jewellers will often tell you that no two diamonds are exactly alike. It is this level of individuality and origin that makes a diamond truly extraordinary.


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