Kick start your search for engagement rings in Hatton Garden today!


Kick start your search for engagement rings in Hatton Garden!


Following this week’s beautiful weather, the summer heat undoubtedly makes viewing engagement rings in Hatton Garden a lovely experience. Whether you have been looking for the perfect ring for a long time or are just starting out in your quest, you want to be sure of your decision.


Given its illustrious history in fine jewellery, it really is true that engagement rings from Hatton Garden are the best! Your first port of call is to have an idea of what might be suitable, inspiration can often be drawn from other people’s jewellery, styles of fashion and so on.By all means this does not have to be the final brief, however with something in mind, you will save yourself a lot of time when it comes to the actual search.


When visiting London, set yourself a budget, a timeframe and a quality standard. Let’s first address the budget. Whichever ring you select, shop you buy from or style that you choose, whether you plan to spend £500 or £50,000, you are spending a lot of money! Try your best to stick to what you feel comfortable with spending and you really cannot go wrong. With regard to timeframe, people differ greatly in terms of how long they spend searching for the engagement piece. Some will spend many weeks if not months looking at engagement rings in Hatton Garden, whereas others will allocate an afternoon to finding the right piece. Try to remember that proposing should be an exciting time in your life, and so try not to overthink the engagement ring. After all, your partner will love whatever you choose.


Lastly, the quality of an engagement ring is incredibly important. This is a piece of jewellery that will be worn for life and so it is well worth buying from a business with a reputation for excellence in product quality. Ask the salesperson to examine both the diamond and mount under a loupe (eye piece) and it is here that the quality will soon become apparent. Rennie & Co believe in making their jewellery the best way as opposed to a price point. Our business philosophy revolves around excellence in quality and service. Although human skill is scarcer and thus more costly than machine manufacture, the end results are incomparable.


Feel free to pop into our shop the next time you are viewing engagement rings in Hatton Garden. We are open seven days a week (Mon-Sat 10am-5.30pm / Sunday 11am-3pm), and you do not require an appointment. We hope to see you soon!

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