Which cut should you choose when viewing engagement rings in London?


Which cut should you choose when viewing engagement rings?


Diamonds are incredible things. Formed under intense pressure and heat, it is hard to believe that something so beautiful was formed so naturally. Once you have come to the decision to pop the big question to your partner in the near future, you will probably have considered looking at engagement rings in London and in particular taking a look at the Hatton Garden jewellers. It is important that you choose a ring that appeals to both you and your partner– after all, it’s an important piece of jewellery!


One of the first things that you will notice when looking at engagement rings in London is the diamond cut, which refers to the shape of the diamond. This is often used as a filter to refine a search to a smaller selection of engagement rings, helping the customer in what can be an overwhelming experience. Rennie & Co stocks a vast number of engagement rings, with a variety of cuts to choose from.


Let’s start with the more traditional cuts – the round brilliant and the emerald cuts. The round brilliant cut diamond is shaped like a cone, with the table of the diamond circular in appearance. Timeless, with unrivalled scintillation, the round brilliant has remained a popular choice for couples looking at engagement rings in London. The emerald cut differs quite substantially from the round brilliant, rectangular in shape with trimmed corners. It’s clean and understated design is popular among ladies with subtle tastes. Arguably most importantly though is the flexibility of the emerald cut, which can be used in a more contemporary setting, or a vintage style Art Deco piece.


The princess cut, or square modified brilliant cut as it is also known, is a very popular modern diamond cut. With four prominent edges, the cut shares the brilliance of a round, ensuring significant sparkle. The princess is a firm favourite with ladies who tend to keep a keen eye on fashion developments, given its ability to fit beautifully with a wide variety of clothing styles. Another cut to look out for when looking for engagement rings in London is the cushion cut. A softer shape than the angular princess cut, the cushion cut was regularly seen in the Victorian and Edwardian time periods. Often surrounded by a cluster of smaller beautiful diamonds, the cushion’s curvaceous body is a stunning choice and as relevant today as ever.


Lastly, the oval cut’s slender shape gives the illusion of a bigger diamond, a desirable trait for many customers. In addition, as this cut is less common than the round, emerald or princess cuts, you can be sure that the stone will stand out from the crowd. All of our stunning engagement rings can be found on our ecommerce website here.

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