Understanding fluorescence when visiting Hatton Garden jewellers


Understanding fluorescence when visiting Hatton Garden jewellers


If you have visited Hatton Garden jewellers, you are likely to have been educated on the 4Cs. The 4Cs refers to the carat weight, colour, clarity and cut of a diamond and is a universally acknowledged framework to help to understand the value and quality of a diamond. But the beauty of a diamond goes far beyond these four characteristics – for instance the spread of the stone, polish and symmetry to name but a few. Additionally fluorescence within a diamond often has a negative impact on the appearance of the stone and should be considered when trying on engagement rings whether in Hatton Garden or elsewhere.


Fluorescence refers to the effect that ultraviolet (UV) light has on a diamond. A fluorescent stone can emit a coloured glow when subjected to a UV light source and as such can lower the value of the diamond. But how many diamonds are fluorescent? According to the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA), approximately a quarter of stones submitted to their labs exhibit some degree of fluorescence. It would be extremely difficult to assess a diamond’s fluorescence in the showrooms of Hatton Garden jewellers given the sparkle of the interior lighting – this is why you should ask to see the stone’s accompanying GIA certificate. Fluorescence is graded as follows: None / Faint / Medium / Strong / Very Strong, indicating the strength or intensity of this trait.


What would be the visual effect of fluorescence on diamond engagement rings in Hatton Garden? In some cases, diamonds will exhibit a milkiness, haziness or oiliness. For the most part, the effects are subtle, though those in the know will avoid such stones. The same principle could be applied to the colour or clarity of a diamond where although the untrained eye may struggle to see a difference between two colours or clarities, the higher grading is preferred due to its added allure.


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