Tips for caring for your platinum wedding bands


Tips for caring for your platinum wedding bands


Having collected your stunning platinum wedding bands, you’ll be excited to wear your new jewellery! Whether you have always worn jewellery or if this will be the first time, your platinum wedding rings will undoubtedly become cherished possessions in the many years ahead. Due to their importance, customers wish to keep their wedding bands looking as good as possible. Here are a few tips that may help you along the way!


Though it is natural to want to wear your ring for all occasions, removing your ring for the more spirited activities in life should be a priority. Going to the gym, gardening and DIY are all jobs that warrant the removal of your wedding ring. Ask any Hatton Garden jewellers and they will tell you that though platinum is a fantastic metal, it will still scratch and can be forced out of shape if care is not taken. Most people do not wish to leave their valuable platinum wedding bands in a gym locker and so an inexpensive short and strong chain will allow you to thread your ring onto this and wear it around your neck!


Most Hatton Garden jewellers offer an ultrasonic cleaning service which will help to break down deposits that have accumulated on and around your platinum wedding rings. This will not remove the scratches present on the ring, however will remove the remanence of cosmetic products, hand lotions, soap etc which may have left a residue. With time you may wish to have your rings refurbished which will remove the scratches. Unlike white gold, platinum wedding bands are not rhodium plated, so buffing and polishing will make all the difference. The process will remove some of the metal from the ring! As such we recommend that you do not have this carried out too often, maybe every five years or so. Excessive polishing will lead to thinning and loss of definition of any detailing that may be present.


Lastly, it is recommended that you insure your platinum wedding bands through a reputable insurance broker. Though we all try our best to care for our wedding rings, accidents do sometimes happen and it is reassuring to know that you are covered. Most of the time, platinum wedding rings can be repaired by an experienced Hatton Garden jeweller however for those rare instances where the damage is beyond repair, insurance is particularly valuable.


Rennie & Co handcrafts a stunning collection of platinum wedding bands. Having been linked to the jewellery trade since the 1950s, the Rennie family has always approached the art of jewellery making with the sole purpose of creating the very highest quality piece without compromise. To visit us to choose your platinum wedding rings, view our opening hours here!

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