The Ultimate in High-End Engagement Rings in London


The Ultimate in High-End Engagement Rings in London


Purchasing engagement rings in London can be a great way to display your love for your fiancée-to-be. Of course, if you are looking to demonstrate both your love and your wealth, you need to be looking at the most expensive end of the spectrum. Engagement rings in London priced above £10,000 will get you off on the right foot to ensure a “yes” answer from your beloved, leading towards a stylish and probably expensive wedding to match the ring you put on the finger of your beloved.


For this price tag, you can expect the body of the ring to be formed from the most sought after of the precious metals, platinum. Platinum engagement rings are revered for their hard-wearing properties.


The metal is white and used in its purest form in high-end engagement rings. This means that the ring will withstand a lifetime of use, as there is no need to plate it to ensure that it retains its white colour.


The colour of platinum in high-end engagement rings perfectly offsets the precious stones that are set into them. A lovely example is the round cut Caterina solitaire diamond. A simple yet large stone set into a classic claw shape can be found in one of the most sought-after engagement rings in London.


When you are purchasing a diamond of this type set into the purest platinum, the only remaining decision comes in terms of the size of the diamond. Of course, the more you are willing to pay, the larger the diamond will be that is set into your ring.


The carat of a diamond is a measure of its weight, so it does not necessarily reflect its size. This is why it is important to go and view engagement rings in London to ensure that the ring you choose is perfect prior to making a purchase.


At Rennie & Co, we have been in the jewellery trade since the 1950s. Our Hatton Garden store attracts the most discerning clients from both the UK and abroad. Come and relax in the contemporary surroundings of our store whilst perusing the full range of engagement rings, all individually crafted in the UK.

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