What makes for the perfect fit when trying on platinum wedding rings?


What makes for the perfect fit when trying on wedding rings?


Having browsed most of Hatton Garden’s jewellers and finally decided on your choice of platinum wedding rings, the next step will be to establish your finger size. Your wedding ring will be worn for a lifetime and so it is imperative that you select the right fit. Too loose and the band may spin, or even worse get lost, too tight and you may feel some discomfort. In this article, we highlight the factors that will contribute to finding the perfect ring size.


Ideally, platinum wedding rings should feel snug to wear, whilst offering resistance when being pulled past the knuckle. Temperature is one of the factors that will impact on the finger size – when our hands are warm they tend to expand. If your work means that you are based primarily outside, choosing a slightly tighter band might be advisable. In the UK, we are exposed to colder temperatures more often than not! If you are planning to move abroad in the foreseeable future, consider how the temperature of your soon to be home will differ to that of your current residence.


Your weight as well as exercising may also effect the fit of your wedding ring. If your weight tends to fluctuate so will the size of your finger, this could lead to the band becoming too loose or too tight. We would recommend that you remove your jewellery when participating in exercise that involves gripping, lifting or contact. For cardio activities such as running, your hands will swell as your body warms up. Therefore it might be wise to factor in a little bit of wiggle room.


Any Hatton Garden jeweller will advise you that the width of your platinum wedding rings will impact on the size required. A particularly wide wedding ring will feel tighter when compared to a narrower band of the same finger size. In this instance, it is a good idea to rely upon an experienced jeweller to advise you, he or she will take into account the width of the band, type of finger as well as allowing for different lifestyles.


If you are soon to visit Hatton Garden’s jewellers, Rennie & Co offers a fantastic collection of wedding bands and our experienced jewellers will help you choose the perfect size. Simply pop into our store to view our stunning platinum wedding rings, alternatively they can be found on our website here. We are open seven days a week from 10am-5.30pm (Monday to Saturday) and 11am-3pm on Sunday. To contact our team please call 020 7405 4585 or email diamonds@rennieco.com.

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