The benefits of platinum wedding bands over white gold


The benefits of platinum wedding bands over white gold


Choosing the metal for your wedding ring can be a surprisingly difficult task. It is not uncommon for couples to enter the process with a colour metal in mind (white, yellow or rose) but whether that be platinum or white gold remains unknown. At Rennie & Co Hatton Garden Jewellers, we handcraft a wonderful range of 18ct gold and platinum wedding bands. Here are a few of the reasons why so many of our customers opt for platinum as their choice of white metal.


Naturally White Colour

When comparing platinum to 18ct white gold, the first factor that springs to mind is the natural colour of the metal. Platinum is a naturally white metal and as such does not require any kind of plating. 18ct white gold is created by mixing gold with white alloys. The metal will inevitably display a slight yellowness, requiring the finished piece of jewellery to be rhodium plated to achieve a white appearance. This plating will be subject to wear necessitating regular re-polishing and re-plating to be carried out, affecting the longevity of the piece. Although the initial cost of platinum wedding bands is higher, it is likely that in the long run, it is the white gold option that will end up costing you more as a result of the endless maintenance that is required.



For many people in the UK, as we head into the summer months there is one thing that can bring our mood down on even the most beautiful of days. Yes… you guessed it... hay fever. For the unfortunate few who suffer, allergies can be difficult to manage. Just like a nut or dust allergy, a small minority of people are also allergic to some of the alloys mixed with gold. Whilst the worst offender, nickel, has been banned from jewellery for some time, allergic reactions can occur and can come in the form of an itchy rash or blisters. Due to platinum’s purity, it is considered to be hypoallergenic. Yes, there are a very few individuals who can still react to platinum but this is considered significantly less than that of white gold.


Platinum wedding bands are often favoured for their wonderful weight. Due to the metal’s high density, platinum rings are heavier than an identical 18ct white gold alternative. This is a ring to be worn for life… treat yourself to the best - after all platinum is the most noble of metals!


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Platinum is a popular metal for wedding rings

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