The beauty behind contemporary platinum wedding rings


The beauty behind contemporary platinum wedding rings


Contemporary platinum wedding rings have been incredibly desirable in recent years. Their clean and stylish design not only portrays a modern twist on a classical piece, but the beauty that human craftsmanship can offer.  Given that a large segment of the market now prefer contemporary bands to classical ones, it is of no surprise that their design is constantly evolving to meet the highest of customer standards. 

First and foremost, contemporary platinum wedding rings are incredibly eye catching. Whether you wear your ring casually, or to a more formal occasion, you can guarantee that your band will stand out from the crowd and attract attention.  

Customers often tell us that the uniqueness and quirkiness of our contemporary platinum wedding rings are the main reason behind their purchase. Given the various shapes and designs that contemporary rings embody, it is of no surprise that a more unique style is often desired to symbolise the individuality that love entails. As couples seek more interesting and unusual rings, a strong emphasis has been placed upon the use of modern technology to assist manufacturers in innovating new designs. Such advancements have allowed Rennie & Co to offer highly differentiated wedding bands, such as our popular jigsaw and pebble patterned rings.

People are often intimidated by the prospect of buying wedding rings due to the sheer volume and variety of bands on the market. Established in 1995, Rennie & Co strives to provide an exceptional level of service, allowing you to choose the right ring in a comfortable and friendly environment. Whether you have just begun searching for your wedding bands, or are in the advanced stages, our friendly staff will help build your knowledge in what to look for in a ring. 

Alternatively if you can’t make it into store, you can view or purchase our contemporary platinum wedding rings online. For any queries, please contact us on 020 7405 4585 or email

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