The appeal of classical platinum wedding rings


The appeal of classical platinum wedding rings


Rennie & Co has always prided itself on the quality and design of its classical platinum wedding rings. The very nature of the classic wedding band embodies the deep and fascinating history that it possesses. Although a factual origin has yet to be established, it is widely believed that the first examples of wedding rings being exchanged began in Egypt. The Egyptian people believed that the very circular shape of a wedding ring symbolised eternity – an endless and never ending love between two people. This consequently triggered the wearing of the piece on the ring finger of the left hand, where the Egyptians believed that a vein ran directly from that very finger to the heart.


When deciding on wedding rings, couples often find themselves undecided as to whether they should opt for a pair of classical platinum wedding rings or 18ct gold equivalents. Although at first glance platinum rings are more costly than gold, the reason behind this price difference is quite justifiable.


Firstly, platinum is stronger and more durable than gold. Although we all try our best to take great care of fine jewellery, it is unfortunately inevitable that you will knock or catch your ring over the course of day to day life – after all, we are all human! Although gold is a strong metal itself, the added strength of platinum will help to ensure that you are less likely to see the effects of the physical stresses that a ring is commonly exposed to.


Gold rings don’t just come yellow in colour however, with white gold also on the market. For those looking for a wedding band, white in colour, a differentiation must be made between platinum and white gold. White gold is not truly white – although its composition can differ, its natural colour is actually dull or pale until it is plated in rhodium. Platinum however is a truly white metal, meaning that it will not have to be regularly re-plated like its white gold counterpart, once the plating begins to wear. The plating itself can be a costly procedure and in itself does not help with the longevity of the ring, making classical platinum wedding rings a more suitable choice when taking into consideration your many years of marriage.


Choosing the right wedding ring is always a very important decision. Whether you opt for platinum or gold, classical or contemporary, Rennie & Co’s helpful staff will assist you from beginning to end. Rennie & Co stocks a wide variety of classical platinum wedding rings, which can all be found on our website. Come into our store or shop online today to find the perfect wedding rings for your very special day!

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