Take a look at our spectacle three stone platinum diamond rings


Take a look at our spectacle three stone platinum diamond rings


Three stone platinum diamond rings are special pieces of jewellery. Historically, it has been said that each diamond symbolises the three different phases of life, the past, the present and the future. Although such rings are sure to stand out from the crowd, there is a lot of variation when it comes to your choice. Finding the perfect ring can be a timely process, but an extremely rewarding one once achieved.


For some ladies, the potential fit of the engagement ring next to the wedding band is an important factor. Unlike some rings which offer a lower setting, our beautiful spectacle set three stone platinum diamond rings increases the ease of finding a later compatible wedding ring. Named after the way in which the diamonds are set inside a subtle rim, much similar to a pair of reading glasses, the underneath of the stones are visible to the naked eye, making for a natural, simplistic and aesthetically pleasing design. Visually alike to the more traditional rub over setting but with the added flexibility of a flush fit next to the wedding ring this style is a favourite of our customers as an engagement piece.


Sat proudly among our three stone platinum diamond rings, our spectacle set rings each hold three stunning emerald cut stones. Given the certification of the central stone, you can gain confidence in the high quality of the piece. With the emerald diamond cut most commonly associated to the Edwardian era and Art Deco movement, a vintage undertone adds balance to the more contemporary setting of the stones.


Rennie & Co stocks a wide variety of three stone platinum diamond rings, as well as other engagement rings, wedding rings, eternity rings, diamond pendants and diamond earrings. Specialists in the trade for the over 20 years, our in house designs offer handcrafted jewellery of an exceptional quality. Open seven days a week, all of our three stone platinum diamond rings, including the aforementioned, can be tried on in store at your convenience. Whether you have just begun your search or are in the more advanced stages, we will help guide and advise you. Alternatively to view our unique spectacle set rings online, please click here.

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