Sapphire Engagement Rings - Hatton Garden London


Sapphire Engagement Rings - Hatton Garden London


Come with us as we delve a little deeper into Sapphire Engagement Rings and discover their unique characteristics.


When looking at engagement rings in London, you are likely to have been blown away by the beautiful precious coloured gemstones in the windows of Hatton Garden jewellers. As lovely as diamonds are, there is something about precious coloured gemstones that make them stand out from the crowd. The sapphire is perhaps the most widely known gemstone due to its value and stunning colour variations.


Sapphires come from the Corundum family, which rubies also fall under. When we think of sapphire engagement rings, the first image that springs to mind is a gorgeous cornflower blue colour. But what many don’t realise until visiting Hatton Garden jewellers is that sapphires come in many different colours. For instance you can find yellow, peach, orange and green sapphires. Sri Lanka is famously known for its fine Ceylon sapphires – renowned for their exceptional colour, clarity and scintillation. Whilst the Ceylon label is often associated with quality, the lesser quality or more commercial stones will be somewhat paler and watery in their colour. The Padparadscha sapphire is particularly valuable – offering a mix between pink and orange in colour. There is often confusion between what is a Padparadscha sapphire and what is a regular orange or pink sapphire. Given its rarity and cost it is important to seek independent certification for confirmation.


But how do sapphires compare in hardness to other gemstones? Well, whilst shopping for engagement rings in London do ask the question, but in the meantime consider the following: the hardness of a gemstone is measured on the Mohs scale and compares the resistance of a mineral to being scratched. This test classifies a stone between 10 and 1 (10, e.g. diamond, is the hardest, 1, e.g. talc, is the least hard). The corundum, family of sapphires, rates at number 9 in the scale highlighting its practicality as a gemstone to be worn on a daily basis. However as with all jewellery pieces, Hatton Garden jewellers would advise you to remove your rings before the more spirited activities in life.


Rennie & Co specialises in stunning engagement rings in London’s jewellery district. A family run business with links to the jewellery trade since the 1950’s, a spectacular collection of fine quality sapphire jewellery awaits. View our stunning coloured gemstone jewellery online or visit us in-store to see for yourself! Our opening hours can be found here.



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