Quirky wedding ideas to match our contemporary platinum wedding rings


Quirky wedding ideas to match our contemporary wedding rings


Whereas the thought of a wedding in a church, followed by the reception in a sophisticated stately home is ideal for some, for others it is far from desired. There is nothing wrong with wanting to do things a little differently – you want it to be a day to remember for a lifetime. Our contemporary platinum wedding rings are a popular choice amongst those who have ambitious and often unique plans for tying the knot! So how can you mix up your wedding day?


Having agreed on the date, your wedding venue is an incredibly important choice, and one that can be based on the things you love. We’ve heard of thousands of wedding plans from our customers, and have come across a number of quirky venues – power stations, aquariums and museums to name but a few! Just remember to take into account the capacity and accessibility of the venue which is important for guests with mobility issues. The wackier the idea the better in our opinion – after all our jigsaw patterned contemporary platinum wedding rings would look out of place otherwise!


Next, have you considered a theme for your wedding? This could influence the dress code, the table decorations and the wedding food and drink itself. The wedding theme can often tie in with the venue itself, however the two don’t necessarily have to link! We were once informed by a couple who purchased contemporary platinum wedding rings from us that they were inspired by Alice in Wonderland in their planning. Having returned for an eternity ring many years later, they claimed that it was the strangest, yet best wedding reception that could have ever imagined!


Lastly, have you considered your honeymoon? Having spent many months planning your wedding, it is always nice to get away and spend some quality time with your now husband or wife! Once again, why not do something a little bit more unusual. Fly to somewhere that you haven’t been before, visit one of the Wonders of the World, or go on an adventure! The list is endless.


You can try on our contemporary platinum wedding rings in store, or you may wish to view our entire wedding ring collection on our website. Do bear in mind that due to their hand crafted nature, our rings do take a little bit of time to make. If you have any questions with regard to timing, please do not hesitate to call us on 020 7405 4585 or email diamonds@rennieco.com.

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