Platinum wedding rings: Which width looks best on you?


Platinum wedding rings: Which width looks best on you?


Platinum wedding rings are undoubtedly popular due to their timeless appeal. Whether worn at a relaxed summer’s Barbeque, at a friend’s, or to a dressier occasion, these bands are going to look the part. Like any piece of jewellery, the proportion of the piece in relation to your hand is incredibly important. After all, the ring should not become ‘lost’ on your hand, nor should it stick out like a sore thumb! A good balance is required and once achieved, these rings look fabulous on.


Starting with the ladies ring, the most popular widths of platinum wedding rings tend to be 2mm, 2.5mm and 3mm. Why? Well very often, a lady is trying to find a matching or complimentary wedding band to enhance their beautiful engagement ring. The vast majority of diamond rings have relatively narrow bands to accentuate the size of the stone, as such wearing anything too wide next to it can detract from the sparkling centre piece! A second consideration is the size and length of her fingers. Hands come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and for those with larger hands, a wider band can make the world of difference. We’ve all purchased that piece of clothing online, having seen how great it looked on the model only to try it on at home to realise that it just doesn’t suit our body shape. Experiment, experiment, experiment! Through trial and error, it will soon become apparent what looks great on you.


For many men, the thought of wearing a ring is very new territory, perhaps having only worn a wristwatch and a pair of cufflinks before. Wider platinum wedding rings are often preferred by men to better suit their size hands. 4mm and 5mm widths are most popular, with 6mm also a common choice. It is not unusual however for narrower platinum wedding rings to be chosen - a very popular practice in a number of European cultures. Once more the priority is to find something that looks natural on your finger and that is comfortable. Above all else, it’s got to be a ring that you enjoy wearing. Our men’s wedding bands range from 3mm to 8mm in width ensuring that you find the perfect piece.


All of our platinum wedding rings can be tried on instore today or viewed on our website here. Have a question about one of our wedding bands? Feel free to contact the team before your visit on 020 7405 4585 or email

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