Oval Diamond Engagement Rings in Hatton Garden


Oval Diamond Engagement Rings in Hatton Garden


Though the round brilliant cut diamond has long been the safe bet within the industry, oval diamond engagement rings emerged in the 1960’s and have become a very sought after stone due to their fabulous brilliance and breath-taking elongated shape. As you explore Hatton Garden’s jewellers and discover this magnificent shape, there are a few factors to look out for!


Diamond Colour

A diamond with a high colour is always preferable irrespective of the shape of the stone. The colour scale ranges from a D down to Z. This scale essentially refers to the absence of colour - generally yellow. Rennie & Co carefully pick only higher colour diamonds for their engagement rings found at their London showroom. We use the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) to grade our stones, ensuring a highly accurate and impartial assessment.


Stone Clarity

When viewing engagement rings in London another important factor should be the clarity of the stone. The oval shape diamond, being a brilliant-cut tends to hide small natural inclusions and blemishes relatively well and so it is not imperative to select an internally flawless stone. Many of our customers choose to position themselves in the VVS (very very slightly included) or VS (very slightly included) categories which ensures that the naked eye would be unable to detect these small marks. Ask your Hatton Garden jeweller to let you inspect the stone under 10X magnification which will allow you to understand the gradings more fully.


Polish and Symmetry

Most oval engagement rings found in Hatton Garden will also be graded for their polish and for their symmetry. The GIA defines a diamond’s polish as the smoothness of the diamond’s surface; and symmetry as the exactness of the diamond’s outline, and the shape, placement, and alignment of its facets. Both of these factors are assessed on a scale ranging from excellent to poor. It is advised to strive for either Very Good or Excellent.


The Bow Tie Effect 

Oval shaped diamonds often display a bow tie effect – a dark area across the centre of the diamond resembling a bow tie. Whilst most ovals, as well as marquise-shaped stones will exhibit some degree of this, it is important to endeavour to select a stone where this effect is not too prominent. In addition to this ask your Hatton Garden jeweller whether there is any fluorescence present as this can have a negative effect on the appearance of the stone - the price for such a gem reduces dramatically.


Hatton Garden has long since been the chosen destination for engagement ring shopping. Whether choosing alone or with your partner, finding a piece that looks just perfect on the hand is always the most important factor. 

For any questions about oval diamond engagement rings in Hatton Garden, visit Rennie & Co at 105 Hatton Garden. For all enquiries, our jewellery consultants can be contacted on 020 7405 4585 or emailed at diamonds@rennieco.com.

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