Our Hatton Garden engagements rings will leave you speechless!


Our Hatton Garden engagements rings will leave you speechless!


Searching amongst the vast number of Hatton Garden engagement rings for the perfect match can be an exciting experience. There is no doubt that there are countless beautiful options available to you, but your biggest challenge will be finding a piece of jewellery that is unique to your partner – something that you can imagine she would love to wear. Bigger does not particularly mean better in this sense, sometimes the most subtle of pieces are far more powerful than a larger counterpart.


Laboratory certification is a great tool when searching for engagement rings, but not one that should dictate your entire decision. What the certification process fails to acknowledge, is that just because something is similar in grading, it does not make it equal in beauty. One wouldn’t expect every 29 year old male with brown hair and blue eyes to look identical in appearance, and so why apply the same principal to a diamond? When choosing from the vast array of Hatton Gardens engagement rings, choose a ring based on what you love, as opposed to what you think you should love. That’s why many of our customers claim that our diamonds sparkle that little bit brighter - it’s the way in which we have hand selected each individual stone. If they don’t amaze us, then they won’t amaze you, and so we are very particular in our selection!


It is imperative to ensure that the ring looks balanced on your partner’s finger. If your girlfriend has got relatively small hands, a big stone may come across as too overwhelming, whilst a smaller carat may not fit the bill if she has slightly larger fingers. Choosing the right carat size is often a tough decision, however one that is quite striking when done correctly! At Rennie & Co, in Hatton Garden engagement rings often come in a range of different carat weights, allowing you to find something that is just right. Selecting something with great balance may take a little bit of time, therefore we openly encourage our customers to try a variation of rings on.


If you have any questions regarding any of our fine pieces on jewellery, please do not hesitate to contact our team on 020 7405 4585 or email diamonds@rennieco.com. Alternatively, feel free to drop by our store to try on our various pieces!

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