Love our milgrain eternity rings? Should you go for the full or half?


Should you go for the full or half milgrain eternity ring?


When looking along the long road of Hatton Garden jewellers, one thing becomes apparent very quickly – you are spoilt for choice. Selecting an eternity ring for your partner is always a big decision, one that you want to get right. Our milgrain eternity rings are handcrafted and the diamonds set under a microscope to achieve the exceptional quality, making for the perfect gift. Depending on how much research you have done, you may be aware that eternity rings often come in two different styles – full eternity or half eternity. Essentially the description is in the name, where a full eternity has diamonds running the whole way around the band, and a half has diamonds travelling half the way round the ring. At the expense of adding a little more complication to your decision making process, let’s compare the two so that you feel confident in your selection.


Diamonds are always a firm favourite when it comes to eternity rings. When looking at our milgrain eternity rings in-store or online, it’s always important to have your partner’s tastes in mind. If she can’t resist the sparkle of diamonds maybe a full eternity is the way to go. If however your partner is a bit more subtle in her tastes, perhaps the half eternity ring will be more appropriate. The choice is truly yours! Although rings are often bought for their aesthetical appeal, it would be naive to overlook the practicality of the piece.


Although our customers take great care with their jewellery, we often remind them that any type of fine jewellery is not immune to accidental damage and should be removed for the more spirited activities in life. Diamonds are peculiar things in the sense that although they cannot be scratched (unless exposed to another diamond), they can be broken if hit with sufficient impact. Therefore, when deciding between our milgrain eternity rings, please bear in mind that due to the additional diamonds on the full eternity ring, extra care must be taken. That is not to say that half eternity rings shouldn’t also be treated with such precaution!


Whatever your choice, we are sure that your partner will love her new eternity ring. All of our milgrain eternity rings can viewed and tried on in store, or viewed online here.

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