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Rennie & Co Jewellery Care


Over time your jewellery is subject to wear. Rings in particular endure the rigours of modern life. Take care to protect your jewellery from impacts against hard or abrasive surfaces. Undue pressure or impacts can cause distortion of the metal and in some instances lead to stones becoming loose. We suggest removing your jewellery for the more spirited activities in life! Particular care should be taken when wearing rings with stones set under the finger such as full eternity rings and some diamond set wedding rings. It is possible to break stones if care is not taken. Over time the gem stones in your jewellery will become dull due to contaminants adhering to them. We offer a complimentary lifelong ultrasonic deep cleansing service for jewellery purchased from us. Just come to the shop and we will be happy to carry this out whilst you wait. Between professional cleansing most items can be cleaned at home with the use of warm soapy water and a toothbrush. This is a good time to examine your jewellery and ensure that settings are secure. Over the years your jewellery will inevitably wear, we suggest that you periodically return it to us in order that we can keep an eye on things and advise accordingly. Timeworn settings can result in the loss of a stone.

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