How the Art Deco movement inspired Hatton Garden jewellers


How the Art Deco movement inspired Hatton Garden jewellers


When it comes to looking for jewellery, nothing beats visiting the long street of Hatton Garden jewellers. Situated in the heart of London, this historic street has a great reputation for jewellery of all kinds – engagement rings, wedding bands, eternity rings, diamond earrings and diamond pendants. Given its rich association to fine jewellery, Hatton Garden has always had to remain flexible to trends old and new. One that springs to mind is Art Deco.


Conceptualised in the 1920s and spanning over the 1930s, Art Deco represented different meaning to different audiences. Not only could the wealthy businessman operating out of his LA office appreciate it, but the everyday working man bought into it following the turn to mass production in similar years. But it wasn’t just product design and appearance that was influenced, it was everything - arts, film, photography and infrastructure to name but a few. The idea behind Art Deco was very much focussed on geometric and angular shapes – clean and simple.


Of course Hatton Garden jewellers had to acclimatise to this movement, adapting ranges of existing stock as well as devising new designs that encapsulated the style. Although the brief appeared simple at first glance, the philosophy was not – how do you adapt jewellery to become more angular and prominent whilst keeping the subtlety and daintiness of the piece? A tough task, but one that was met with a vast number of beautiful ideas.


Today, nearly 100 years on from the start, Art Deco inspired jewellery is considered a vintage treasure. Like any style, Hatton Garden jewellers have witnessed fluctuations in the popularity of Deco over the course of the years. One thing that remains consistent though is the appreciation of our beautiful Deco inspired pieces. To name a few, our 18 white gold Finestra style earrings and pendants are a prevalent choice for those wishing to wear something a little bit different, to stand out from the crowd perhaps. All of our Deco inspired jewellery can be found online on our website here. Alternatively, if you would prefer to pop into store and try on any of our pieces, our knowledgeable consultants are here to help.

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