GIA certified engagement rings in Hatton Garden: How is colour graded?


GIA certified engagement rings: How is colour graded?


Choosing a diamond engagement ring in Hatton Garden is a very special experience, and one that you’ll look back on in the years ahead with fond memories. Rennie & Co’s Hatton Garden jewellers understand that choosing an engagement ring for your partner is an incredibly personal journey, and one that can differ greatly from customer to customer. One factor that you are likely to have discovered in relation to the 4C’s is the Colour of a diamond. With a little bit of reading, the GIA “D-to-Z” colour scale is very simple to understand, however have you ever wondered how the laboratory goes about grading the colour of a diamond?


When viewing engagement rings in Hatton Garden, your jewellery consultant will be able to tell you exactly what colour the diamond is based on the certification provided. But how was this colour grade determined you may ask? Diamonds are colour graded under controlled conditions. The diamond being colour graded will be compared to round brilliant diamonds of known colour, referred to as masterstones. These comparisons are made from both table-down and face-up positions. It would simply be too unreliable to colour grade based on memory and so masterstones are an essential tool during the certification process.


The environment in which the colour is being assessed is also incredibly important. It is essential that the surroundings of the grading area (including furniture) are of neutral or subdued colours. A brighter colour would not only be distracting to the grader, but could also reflect in the diamond.


Most importantly though will be the role of the grader. Graders are trained extensively and practice grading on a frequent basis. Factors such as health, mood and diet can also have an impact on a grader’s consistency and judgement, and so great care must be taken at all times.


Our Hatton Garden jewellers are often asked of the importance of colour. It is our belief that selecting a high quality diamond for your fiancée is very important. That’s why we specialise in colourless diamonds that fall within the D, E and F colour grades for our engagement rings in Hatton Garden. We also offer a bespoke engagement ring service in Hatton Garden and so are able to source beautiful GIA certificated diamonds to your specifications.


Rennie & Co’s helpful Hatton Garden jewellers can be contacted today on 020 7405 4585 or emailed at If you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring in London, visit our store at 105 Hatton Garden, EC1N 8LY. All of our single stone engagement rings and three stone diamond rings can be viewed on our website, as well as our opening hours.


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