Hatton Gardens wedding rings: Commonly asked questions


Hatton Gardens wedding rings: Commonly asked questions


If your big day is fast approaching, making the journey to Hatton Gardens for wedding rings is likely to be high up on your to do list! 18ct gold and platinum wedding rings are a popular choice and are available in a range of different designs from the traditional to the contemporary.


Given the expense involved in purchasing gold or platinum wedding bands, it is not uncommon to have a few questions about the jewellery, or the purchase process itself. Here are a few commonly asked questions when couples visit Hatton Gardens for wedding rings.


Will I walk away with a ring on the day?

This will depend on the jeweller and the timing. Though you are very welcome to take away a wedding band from our shop window if it were to fit, we prefer to handcraft our gold and platinum wedding rings to order. By doing so, the only finger it will ever be placed on is yours - call us sentimental but we feel that this is the way it should be for such an important ring and our customers seem to concur!


Which metals are available?

Jewellers in Hatton Gardens specialise in wedding rings crafted from platinum, 18ct gold and palladium. Platinum wedding bands are by far the most popular pieces, followed by gold (available in yellow, rose & white) and then palladium.


How long will it take to make our wedding bands?

Though the majority of gold and platinum wedding bands take approximately 3-4 weeks to craft, a lead time of 6 weeks would be advised for more bespoke pieces. Imminent wedding? Give our team a call on 020 7405 4585 to see if we can accommodate your request!


I’ve tried on a few gold or platinum wedding rings – how do I decide on my finger size?

It is important that you choose the correct finger size when ordering your wedding ring. Not only will this ensure a comfortable fit, but will also prevent the ring from slipping off your finger and becoming lost. There are a number of factors that will dictate the perfect finger size, so it is always best to let a professional measure you and assist you with your choice.


What drives the price of Hatton Gardens wedding rings?

One of the biggest influences on the price will be the metal used, and the ring’s width and depth. In addition, the inclusion of diamonds or fancy detailing will add to the cost. Many customers also like the thought of their gold or platinum wedding rings being handcrafted, as opposed to mass produced, so again this effects the price.


If you have any questions about Hatton Gardens vast selection of wedding rings, contact our friendly team at diamonds@rennieco.com or pop into the store today. Our opening hours can be found here.

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