Hatton Garden jewellers: The rise of rose gold


Hatton Garden jewellers: The rise of rose gold


When one thinks of fine jewellery, gold instantly springs to mind. This wonderful metal is a marvel to work with and provides the same beautiful lustrous finish on each and every occasion. But gold is so much more than just a metal - it is symbolic of luxury and purity and these interpretations vary from culture to culture. It is not just 18ct yellow gold that Hatton Garden jewellers offer though, 18ct white gold and 18ct rose gold are also incredibly popular choices. In recent years, 18ct white gold has been used as a lower cost alternative to platinum. In its natural state, this metal is not naturally white but a yellowy white straw colour. As a result it is very common to find white gold rhodium plated to enhance its whiteness. But what is 18ct rose gold and where did it originate from?


Pure gold would simply be too soft to produce fine jewellery from. Therefore it is important that the metal is hardened enough to endure the rigors of everyday life. Alloys are consequently added to the gold to provide this robustness. In the case of rose gold, copper is the key element used, producing a wonderful warm colour.


The history of rose gold is a fascinating and worthwhile read. Previously referred to as Russian gold due to its popularity in the country during the early nineteenth century, this was the birth of this most stunning metal. Despite its enormous popularity in Russia, many Hatton Garden jewellers have claimed that this gold experienced varied demand in other cultures, often falling in and out of fashion. Interestingly, World War 2 played a huge role in consumer’s choice of metal. The outbreak of the War prompted the government to take a strategic approach to the country’s valuable resources, and thus platinum (an important metal in military use) was prohibited for civilian purchase. Therefore if you were planning your wedding at this time, 18ct gold was the only real choice. Due to the lack of a precious white metal being available on the market, it is easy to understand why rose gold saw significant growth. Extensively used in the manufacture of antique jewellery, rose gold has once again become a popular choice. For the young it’s a new fashion, but as we all know fashions have a habit of going round in circles! In fact rose gold is probably one of the most enduring of metals of all.


If you have any queries about 18ct rose gold jewellery from Hatton Garden jewellers, contact our friendly team at diamonds@rennieco.com or on 020 7405 4585.

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