Hatton Garden Jewellers, Rennie & Co, see a buoyant end to 2018


Hatton Garden Jewellers, Rennie & Co, see a buoyant end to 2018


Hatton Garden jewellers, Rennie & Co, have experienced an increase in demand for their fine quality and sought after diamonds during the final quarter of last year. In a recent conversation with André Rennie, the company’s founder, he said:


“The retail jewellery trade has seen some seismic changes over the past 5 years and fortunately as a family run business we were able to adapt swiftly to a new and very different trading environment. Embracing online commerce and changing to much tighter profit margins in order to give the consumer better value for money has paid dividends. Interestingly, it is as if the penny has finally dropped with those consumers looking to buy a diamond. After an initial rush towards “Cheap”, perhaps predictably, customers have in many instances been disappointed and are realising that the headline grabbing price is not representing the whole story.


Diamond pricing is a complex matter that goes well beyond the 4C’s that is common knowledge. Our customers appreciate our straight forward and fair pricing policy with no need for the consumer to go through the ordeal of trying to reduce an inflated initial price tag. When we compare our prices to that of our competitors, both online and bricks and mortar, we are more than competitive. Simply put there is always a reason why a diamond initially appears cheap - it could be due to any of the following or very often as a result of several of the factors below, all of which can impact very negatively on the stone’s appearance.


Fluorescence, culet size, depth or table percentages falling outside of acceptable parameters, girdle thickness, .00 carat weights, type of clarity characteristics, extra facets or naturals, graining comments, stone tint, spread etc.


Time and time again our customers state that these are the sparkiest diamonds that they have seen!


During a nationally uncertain period we would like to thank all of our customers for choosing to purchase from us. Since 1995 we have caringly made, here in London, engagement rings, wedding rings, eternity rings and indeed all the lovely things that you would expect to find in a fine Hatton Garden Jewellers. We will continue to offer outstanding service, fair prices and above all beautiful pieces of jewellery as we have done for the past 24 years!”

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