Hatton Garden Jewellers - A brief history


Hatton Garden Jewellers - A brief history


Having long provided customers with quality jewellery pieces, Hatton Garden jewellers have established themselves as leading experts in the field. Centered in the heart of London, it is believed that the jewellery trade found its way to the street in the medieval era (500 AD – 1500). With streets organised by business type, the road was dedicated to host the jewellery trade in order to serve the old City of London. This formed the foundation of what would later become a thriving community amongst locals and visitors from all walks of life, with an abundance of jewellers to serve their very needs.


Named after Sir Christopher Hatton, the street coincidently epitomises the very nature of Hatton’s line of work - advising Queen Elizabeth I, a royal with a fine taste for jewels herself! Having exerted his influence as an English politician and Lord Chancellor, Hatton accrued a small fortune, commissioning the building of a grand house in Northamptonshire, compared in size to Hampton Court Palace. Since Hatton’s passing in 1591, the street has developed into an instantly recognisable landmark in the capital city. With a great shift in customer tastes, Hatton Garden jewellers have enjoyed the challenge of adapting to new preferences, with an equal consideration placed on both classical and contemporary pieces.


The street has also enjoyed a wealth of appearances in popular culture, referenced in Ian Fleming’s James Bond novel, The Diamond Smugglers (1957) and also seen in many film and television appearances. Although Hatton Garden jewellers are often viewed as the main allure to the road, the street is also host to many other historical tales – an example being how the first machine gun, the Maxim Gun, was invented and produced in a workshop in the road in 1881!


Established in 1995, Rennie & Co has become a favourite within the City of London, differentiating themselves through quality design and service. With the Rennie family being linked to the jewellery trade since the 1950’s, it can be assured that a wide variety of beautiful jewellery can be found in store or online. Why not visit our website today and begin planning for your next treat!

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