Milgrain eternity rings can be purchased for many special occasions!


Milgrain eternity rings: Perfect for many special occasions!


The concept of an eternity ring began in the 1960s, and has since been viewed as a natural progression from the engagement ring and wedding band. Milgrain eternity rings are purchased to represent the everlasting love that two partners so fondly share - a notion reinforced through the endless circle that the ring possesses. There are many different and unique occasions to treat your partner to an eternity ring, and different styles to match their character and tastes.


Wedding anniversaries are a fantastic opportunity to treat your partner to one of our milgrain eternity rings. Whether it is your first year of marriage or your fiftieth, the gift of an eternity will always be welcomed! Although it is typical for such jewellery to be purchased for significant milestone wedding anniversaries, many customers purchase it when they see fit. All of our eternity rings are secured in a gorgeous Rennie & Co box and bow tied at the point of sale, to ensure that the packaging aligns with the magnificence of the ring.


The birth of a child is an incredibly special experience, and one fit for our milgrain eternity rings. The love and pride experienced when holding your baby for the first time will stay with you for a lifetime. Many men view such a gift as a memorable “thank you” to their partner, for the commitment invested in the birthing process. Buying for this occasion has become increasingly popular in recent years, and provides a beautiful story behind your partners ring in future years!


It is important to remember that eternity rings are symbolic of love, and therefore there really is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ reason to buy one. We hear of many fabulous stories from our returning customers who have bought from our eternity collection, each of which ends in a description of their partner’s excitement after opening the Rennie & Co ring box! Our milgrain eternity rings are beautifully handcrafted to our high standards, and can all be viewed on our ecommerce site. Alternatively, if you’d prefer a more hands on approach, drop by our shop to select from our marvelous range.

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