Looking for a milgrain eternity ring for your wedding anniversary?


Looking for a milgrain eternity ring for your anniversary?


There’s no questioning that wedding anniversaries should always be an important date in your calendar. It may be your first or fiftieth – regardless of the number, the occasion should be enjoyed by both partners to celebrate the love that they so fondly share. Whether treating your partner to a fancy meal out or a special gift, nothing comes close to the look on her face when she opens a beautifully wrapped Rennie & Co box, to unveil one of our stunning milgrain eternity rings.


The concept of eternity rings was originally born out of the idea that love is endless and that is lasts an eternity. The very shape of the ring further reinforces this notion, a continuous loop with no beginning and no end. Although milgrain eternity rings are often confused with other styles, they’re easily identifiable once viewed with precision. The milgrain refers to the very fine pattern that is hand applied to the edge of a ring, offering a delicious vintage twist to the piece. Additionally, the term is also used to refer to the way in which diamonds are set in an eternity ring, through the raising of beads of metal, or grains, that securely lock the stones in place.


When choosing from our selection of milgrain eternity rings, a few simple questions should be able to point you in the right decision. What type of metal are you most interested in – 18 carat gold (yellow/rose) or platinum? Although these metals do differ quite substantially, it is often best to match the ring to the colour of your partner’s engagement and wedding ring. Do you wish to match the cut of the stones to your partner’s engagement ring? Will your partner wear the ring next to their engagement and wedding rings, or will she, as is popular, wear it on the other hand?


Once such criteria have been assessed, the last and arguably most important question to contemplate is the style of ring that most attracts you. It’s always important to remember that purchasing any kind of jewellery is a personal decision that should be customised to the wearer’s tastes. After all, there is little point in buying a milgrain eternity ring that meets your specifications but that you do not find physically attractive!


All of our milgrain eternity rings can be found online here, or alternatively you can pop into the shop to get more of a hands on experience! For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 7405 4585 or at diamonds@rennieco.com

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