Diamond engagement rings & the charm of Hatton Garden


Diamond engagement rings & the charm of Hatton Garden


Diamond engagement rings are worn for a lifetime. Whether purchasing an engagement ring from Hatton Garden or elsewhere, this will be a piece of jewellery with an incredible emotional attachment to it. You may be looking to select the ring with your partner, or it could be a surprise that you are planning – whatever your approach, quality always wins no matter how far and wide you search.


That is why at Rennie & Co, our business revolves around the superb quality of our diamond engagement rings in our Hatton Garden store. We are an independent, family run business with a passion for fine jewellery, and thoroughly believe that handcrafting rings the right way reaps many benefits that mass production simply cannot achieve. Yes, this is a slightly more costly procedure, but one that pays dividends when you consider the longevity of the ring.


The crafting of beautiful diamond engagement rings is an art, and one that has solidified our brand as a premier Hatton Garden jeweller. Each individual diamond is meticulously selected by André Rennie who has spent a lifetime in the jewellery trade, and places incredibly importance on the beauty of the stone. In an age where technology is making significant strides on a constant basis, it is nice to know that both traditional and technological production techniques are utilised in unison to deliver the very best results.


As you stroll down the street, diamond engagement rings will sparkle from the windows of the various Hatton Garden jewellers, each with a unique take that may very well catch your eye. This charming road is well recognised in the industry and a very popular choice for jewellery lovers from all walks of life. Not only does Hatton Garden possess a very rich and interesting history, it caters for budgets of all sizes too.


So why not begin your quest in finding a beautiful diamond engagement ring today? Located in Central London, Hatton Garden is very easy to reach via public transport. Rennie & Co is open seven days a week, from 10am-5.30pm (Monday to Saturday) and 11am to 3pm (Sunday). Contact us, our details are here. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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