Analysing the depth and table % of diamond engagement rings in London


Analysing the depth and table % of diamond engagement rings


A visit to Hatton Garden to view beautiful engagement rings in London is a thoroughly enjoyable experience and one that will be cherished for a lifetime. There is plenty to see here in London’s Jewellery Quarter and plenty to learn about diamonds, not least the proportions of a nicely cut stone!


The Depth of a diamond refers to its height, the distance between the table (the uppermost surface of the diamond) and the culet (the bottom point of the stone) and is measured in millimetres. Depth can also be expressed as a percentage by dividing the stone’s depth by its width. Your Hatton Garden jeweller will explain the importance of the depth percentage when looking at engagement rings in London, most notably how it can heavily impact the sparkle of the stone!


A diamond with a high depth percentage reflects a deep stone. As carat is a measurement of weight and not size this can result in a stone that appears much smaller than it should be when viewed from the top. On the other hand, a low depth percentage would mean that the diamond is very shallow, with light struggling to reflect properly and seeping out through the back of the stone, as a result the stone will appear lacklustre and dull. It is therefore pivotal to take the depth percentage into account when looking at diamond engagement rings in London.


When looking at your diamond engagement ring’s GIA certificate, you’ll also notice the table percentage. The table percentage is calculated by dividing the width of the table facet by the total width of the diamond. It is once again important to find a diamond with a good table percentage. If the table percentage is too large or too small this can impact on the performance of light within the stone. Both the ideal depth and table percentages do vary based on the shape of the stone and so do take this into account when conducting your research! Hatton Garden jewellers are regularly asked about the proportions of a diamond so don’t be scared to ask any questions that you may have, after all this is a big decision that you are making!


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