How best to care for your platinum eternity ring from Hatton Garden


How best to care for your platinum eternity ring


Rennie & Co is a family run Hatton Garden jewellers that specialises in handcrafting beautiful diamond jewellery pieces. Our collection of platinum eternity rings made in Hatton Garden are available in both half and full diamond set variations. It is important that care is taken when wearing your eternity ring and that it is regularly cleaned to ensure that it is looking at its best! Here are a few tips on caring for your platinum eternity ring.


•Take your ring off for the more spirited activities in life! If you are a keen gym-goer, love DIY or gardening, we strongly suggest removing your ring. Whilst diamonds are difficult to scratch (you’d only be able to do so with another diamond), they can be chipped or broken with impact. Heavy gripping can distort the shape of your platinum eternity ring, consequently leading to movement in the setting. We suggest to our customers who have purchased their platinum eternity ring from our Hatton Garden showroom to thread their ring onto a short heavy weight silver chain which can be worn around the neck during your gym workouts.


•It is simple to clean your eternity ring in the comfort of your own home. Diamonds have an affinity for grease and as such soap, dirt and oils adhere to the surface of the stone making your diamonds dull in appearance. Don’t worry this is only temporary and can be easily removed with a good clean! To clean your diamond ring, fill a bowl with warm soapy water and with a soft bristled toothbrush gently brush the diamonds from the top and the side. In a separate bowl of warm water, allow the ring to soak and gently brush the diamonds once again. Pat the ring dry, and polish the piece between your fingers with a lint free cloth. This is an effective way to restore the sparkle of your stones, however for the best results visit our showroom for a deeper clean in our ultrasonic machine!


•We suggest bringing your platinum eternity ring to be checked by one of our Hatton Garden jewellers once a year. We can check the condition of your settings to ensure that all of your diamonds remain securely held. You may wish to treat yourself to a polish of your eternity ring every five years, this will restore the brightness of the metal removing any small scratches that might be present. As our experienced Hatton Garden jewellers polish your ring, it removes a small amount of the metal and for that reason we advise our customers to not polish their rings too often.


Rennie & Co’s friendly Hatton Garden jewellers can be contacted today on 020 7405 4585 or emailed at We also craft a wonderful selection of single stone engagement rings and wedding bands once again designed in Hatton Garden.

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