Caring for engagement rings: A Hatton Garden jeweller's advice


Caring for engagement rings: A Hatton Garden jeweller's advice


Engagement rings and Hatton Garden very much go hand in hand. Finding ‘the ring’ is no easy task, but an extremely rewarding one once accomplished. With your beautiful diamond ring now on your finger, caring for the piece becomes very important. Here are some top tips as advised by a jewellery professional.


Prevention. We’ve all been there and done it, after damaging a personal and valuable item of ours we look back and ask ourselves “What on earth did I do that for?” Rennie & Co’s beautiful engagement rings are made to last, but like any piece of jewellery in Hatton Garden (or the rest of the world for that matter), it is not indestructible. Impacts, pressure and abrasion can all take their toll. So before wearing your ring to the gym, attacking the gardening at the weekend or decorating the home ask yourself is it really worth the risk. Perhaps take it off for the more spirited activities in life.


Cleaning. When purchasing that new car that you had always promised yourself it soon becomes apparent that without regular cleaning it just won’t look as good as the first time you drove it out of the showroom. As such your diamond engagement ring will benefit from regular ultrasonic cleaning, this will remove cosmetic products such as creams and moisturisers that conspire along with soap to dull the sparkle of your diamonds. Rennie & Co offers lifetime complimentary ultrasonic cleaning to their customers ensuring that your diamonds will remain looking their very best. Alternatively, if you cannot make it into our London showroom easily, warm soapy water and a soft bristled toothbrush will certainly help to restore the cleanliness to your ring. The above advice is intended for diamond jewellery only, so if you have any questions about gemstone cleaning please contact our team.


Check-ups. A car’s yearly MOT test assesses whether the vehicle is fit and safe to drive on the road. Wearing your beautiful engagement ring on a day to day basis can subject it to knocks and bangs as well as wear and tear over the longer term. It is advisable to have your rings inspected on a regular basis to ensure that all is well. In the event of a major impact, stop wearing the ring immediately and seek a jeweller’s opinion as to whether anything has been damaged. Damaged or severely worn settings can result in the loss of diamonds, so if in doubt don’t take a chance.


Insurance. Engagement rings from Hatton Garden are absolutely stunning and hold huge sentimental value. Unfortunately we do see customers return to our showroom who have lost their ring or were victims to theft. Although nothing can truly replace the sentimental value of a missing piece of jewellery, insurance cover can at least lessen the financial pain at this distressing time. Whether you have spent £500 or £50,000 on an engagement ring, insure your item.


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