Analysing grading certificates for engagement rings in Hatton Garden


Analysing grading certificates for engagement rings in London


Choosing from the beautiful engagement rings in Hatton Garden is an experience to be cherished. Whether this is your first day of looking or you are many weeks in, the importance of diamond grading will soon become apparent. Diamonds are graded to assess a variety of characteristics and qualities. As one might expect, the higher the quality of a stone, the rarer and more valuable it will be. The GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) is the world’s largest diamond grading laboratory and is a non-profit making organisation whose consistent grading is much revered within the jewellery trade. The original GIA certificates (not copies) detailing a diamond’s grading should be available to view in any of the Hatton Garden jewellers. But what should you expect to see on this documentation?


To begin with, the date of grading will appear towards the top of the certificate along with a description of the shape and specific measurements of the gemstone. You might have come across the term ‘spread’ used in relation to diamonds - why one diamond appears much larger than another despite possessing similar carat weights. This is why a diamond’s measurements are very important.


The next part of the documentation concerns the 4C’s. The 4C’s consists of Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut. It is for you and your partner to decide where you’d like to position yourself on these scales but do bear in mind that the price will increase quite substantially with each tier of quality. In order to assist your understanding of the inclusions found within the diamond, a description of the clarity characteristics may apply. For a comprehensive understanding of the 4C’s, visit our website here.


But engagement rings in Hatton Garden should be assessed far beyond the 4C’s. The polish and symmetry of a diamond are very important, as is the amount of fluorescence a stone possesses if any at all. But what is fluorescence? Fluorescence is the visible light some diamonds emit when subjected to ultraviolet rays. A detrimental milky or oily appearance can result from a diamond that possesses substantial fluorescence.


How else will price be driven? Mass produced generic mounts will inevitably be cheaper to buy, however the quality and longevity of these pieces will inevitably be effected often leading to costly and frequent repairs in the future. Unlike many other Hatton Garden jewellers, Rennie & Co handcrafts their jewellery relying upon their talented goldsmiths to produce pieces of exceptional quality. Though this process is more costly when compared to mass production techniques, the end results are incomparable.


Whilst this is a snapshot of how to assess a diamond, a basic understanding of the factors mentioned above will undoubtedly assist you in your search as you start to explore London’s Hatton Garden jewellers. If you have any questions about the engagement rings in our Hatton Garden showroom, do contact our team on 020 7405 4585 or email

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