A guide to engagement rings in London – Find your perfect ring!


A guide to engagement rings in London – Find your perfect ring!


Choosing from an endless list of engagement rings in London can be a very daunting task. Whilst you want to ensure that you spend your money wisely on a diamond ring of an exceptional quality, it’s also important to ensure that the ring embodies the character and style of your partner. Although engagement rings are universally recognised as a symbol of commitment, there is surprisingly little written about the basics from which you should base your search on. If you have been searching for a while, bear with us, this is simple stuff, but incredibly important nonetheless.


First things first – which metal do you prefer? 18ct gold and platinum are the most popular choices, offering three main colours to pick from – yellow, rose, and white. As a general rule of thumb, your partners wedding and eternity rings will all share the same metal as their engagement ring, making this an important decision for future jewellery pieces. If you really are stuck as to the colour of metal, it may help if you take a look in your partner’s jewellery box – what colour does she most typically wear? Generally speaking, platinum is a little bit stronger than gold, however the difference is quite marginal so don’t let that sway you too much.


Next, what diamond cut appeals to you? If you fancy something a bit more traditional, the brilliant round cut is a very popular choice, however princess, emerald and oval cuts have also seen a significant increase in demand over recent years. When looking at engagement rings in London, the choice of diamond cut is very much one of personal taste. Our best advice? If your partner prefers a more classical wardrobe, perhaps take your cue from that, you really can’t go wrong with a round cut stone. If however she is more likely to follow contemporary fashion trends, then any of the other aforementioned cuts are a safe option.


Metal and cut aside, the setting of a diamond ring is a very important factor. Claw set, channel set, micro set, milgrain set, rub over set… the list goes on! Once again, although it is good to have predefined tastes, do be open to new ideas and designs when searching. When it comes to the security of the stones, it’s worth noting that the higher the profile of a setting, the more likely it is to catch and become damaged.


Although this three step process seems very simplistic, that is exactly how we intended it – we don’t believe in forcing customers towards a particular ring, after all this is a romantic gesture, not a commercial proposition! Choosing from a broad selection of engagement rings in London should be viewed as an exciting experience, where a little preparation can go a long way in finding the ideal ring! Visit us online today to view our beautiful range of engagement rings.

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