Visiting Hatton Garden jewellers? Take a look at our business practice


Visiting Hatton Garden? Take a look at our business practice


The long line of Hatton Garden jewellers undoubtedly presents you with a lot of choice when visiting London’s diamond district. Just as with any industry, it is often difficult to initially differentiate one business from another. Given the variation of tastes that customers possess, it is important to find a brand that rings true to you – after all, buying a new ring, pendant or set of earrings is an important decision.


There are two ways to produce jewellery, mass manufactured or handmade. Although many business models find great success in cost leadership, mass manufacturing techniques simply do not match the quality of finished product that a skilled goldsmith given time can achieve. At Rennie & Co, our jewellery is not mass manufactured for commercial use, instead we take our time – a philosophy that we see fit for the sentimentality and love that fine jewellery encompasses. Rennie & Co’s jewellery is hand crafted by our master goldsmiths and designed in house, so you can rest assured that it will stand out from the crowd! For us, we derive great pleasure in producing beautiful jewellery for our customers, knowing of the happiness that it will bring. When window shopping in Hatton Garden jewellers, such considerations are worth bearing in mind to ensure that your ring really is unique.


At Rennie & Co, we believe that any solid long-term relationship between a business and its clients relies heavily on an exceptional level of service. We aim to differentiate ourselves from other Hatton Garden jewellers by providing a welcoming, friendly and comfortable environment to view fine jewellery in. Our specialist guidance is focused around the three core pillars of product knowledge, understanding and most importantly, patience. In addition, we credit ourselves on the quality of our after sale customer care, which includes a lifelong complimentary ultrasonic deep cleansing service and periodic insurance valuation updates.


Our business practice promotes excellence in quality and service – core values that we consider essential for high value jewellery. With the Rennie family name linked to the jewellery trade since the 1950’s, why not pop into store today to view our stunning range. Alternatively, you can visit our ecommerce website here.

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